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Cleaning a Gas Stove

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

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Grease duct cleaning, Hood Cleaning, Full exhaust system cleaning


We help you meet your Grease & Fire compliance requirements. The build-up of grease through a kitchen exhaust system is a fire hazard! An exhaust hood system has several components, and your kitchen exhaust fan is the heart and soul of your restaurant hood system.

Grease Containment Systems
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Grease Containment


PKEC fixes grease containment issues associated with fire Marshall's compliance requirements. We can put grease containment systems on about any exhaust fan , we are also very good at cleaning up kitchen exhaust grease mess On your expensive roof top.

Grease containment

We offer many different sizes of containment units depending on your needs, and we also have the appropriate filter products to ensure the grease stays off your roof. We set the filter replacement up on a scheduled appointment, so you never have to worry about your roof again. Duct repair We are able to fix many duct leaks associated with building settling or just old duct work. All of our maintenance work is guaranteed.

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Hinge Kit Installation


Our service depth is set up to fix most compliance issues deficiencies. This includes approved hinge kits, grease containment boxes, and leaking duct work.


Our hinges come in many shapes and sizes and, they are made of steel and powdercoated. The hinges have a lifetime guarantee and are varied in price depending on the size.


All restaurant and commercial kitchens need these services on regular intervals

Asian and Wok Restaurants 4 times a year

Fast Food restaurants 4 times a year

Senior Living Facility Kitchens 1 time a year

Family Restaurants / Bar and Grills 2 times a year

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